Institute Rules

  1. Students are enrolled in the courses as soon as the school receives the enrolment form, filled in with all of the student’s data, sent by fax, e-mail or post, together with the payment of the whole course fee. If, after enrolling, the student should no longer be in a position to travel to Padua and attend the course, the student shall notify the school by registered mail or fax, not later than one week prior to the beginning of the course. The student shall have the right to attend the booked course at any time in the future.

  2. Students attending on a scholarship who wish the school to book accommodation for them shall have to pay the full price of accommodation in advance.

  3. The school provides the students asking for accommodation with single rooms with shared bathroom. Students are not allowed to give up their room, fully or in part, not even to relatives or friends, without the prior, express consent of the owner of the flat. Students living in accommodation provided by us shall bring their own bedding and towels.

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