Our Italian language courses are ideal for people who wish to learn together, in small groups of maximum 10 people.

Group lessons allow students to practice their Italian in a relaxed and fun–filled atmosphere and to socialise with other students from all over the world.

Our courses cater to all students, from absolute beginners to students with more advanced knowledge, and are divided into levels that mirror the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



    9th January, 6th February, 6th March, 3rd April, 2nd May, 5th June, 3rd July, 1st August, 4th September, 2nd October, 30th October, 27th November.

    8th January, 5th February, 4th March, 2nd April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 1st August, 2nd September, 30th September, 28th October, 25th November.


    9 Gennaio, 6 Febbraio, 6 Marzo, 3 Aprile, 2 Maggio, 5 Giugno, 3 Luglio, 1 Agosto, 4 Settembre, 2 Ottobre, 30 Ottobre, 27 Novembre.

    8 Gennaio, 5 Febbraio, 4 Marzo, 2 Aprile, 6 Maggio, 3 Giugno, 1 Luglio, 1 Agosto, 2 Settembre, 30 Settembre, 28 Ottobre, 25 Novembre.

    For each course there are 80 hours of lessons spread over a 4-week period.

    However, it is possible to attend courses for longer or shorter periods than the 4 weeks, with fees proportional to the actual period of study.

    Classes are held Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m..

    There is an intermission that can be an excellent opportunity for our students to socialize.

    Maximum 15 students per class.

    The Italian language courses are divided into four different levels with progressive levels of difficulty, from elementary (A1) to advanced (C2), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

    Students who already have some knowledge of Italian can join a course at the appropriate level for them at any time, after taking a short test to assess their level of competence.

    We strongly recommend absolute beginners to join courses on the scheduled start dates. At the end of each course students shall take a test: if the student passes, then a certificate of progress shall be issued. On the contrary, if the outcome is not satisfactory, the course can be repeated at a reduced price.

    are not vessels to be filled,
    they are a fire to be kindled.

    This is the guiding principle of our Italian teachers who are all native speakers, with experience and specific training in the field of language teaching.

    In our courses we adopt a friendly and communicative approach, encouraging the students to take the lead in the lesson, with the teacher overseeing the learning process like a director.

    The sensitivity and eagerness to help of our teachers, combined with their constant attention to the needs and feelings of the students, create a calm atmosphere that is conducive to pleasant and fruitful study of the Italian language.

    We use the most modern and diverse teaching methods, including reading, comprehension, games, listening and debate. Starting out with a solid grounding in linguistic competence (including grammar, morphology, syntax and phonetics), we have set ourselves the objective of helping students develop suitable communication skills so as to be able to interact effectively in any situation.

    1 MONTH

    4 weeks / 80 hours
    700,00 €

    Registration fee and teaching materials are included.

    1 week € 200 – 2 weeks € 400 – 3 weeks € 600 (+ cost of the book)


    Students wishing to attend the course for 4 months (16 weeks) or longer are entitled to a discount, calculated as follows:

    4 months

    16 weeks / 320 hours
    2.600,00 € 650 € / months

    In order to get the discount, the price must be paid in full in advance.

    6 months

    24 weeks / 480 hours
    3.600,00 € 600 € / months

    In order to get the discount, the price must be paid in full in advance.

    12 months

    48 weeks / 960 hours
    6.000,00 € 500 € / months

    In order to get the discount, the price must be paid in full in advance.

    To enrol in a course, please fill in the registration form on line or send it by e-mail, regular mail or fax together with the payment for the course fee. You can pay in any one of the following ways:

    • International postal order made out to: SCUOLA DI ITALIANO BERTRAND RUSSELL CORSO GARIBALDI 18 – 35122 PADOVA ITALIA
    • Credit Card We strongly recommend you send us your credit card number, CVV/SSN code and expiration date by separate letter or e-mail.
    • Bank transfer to the following account: ISTITUTO LINGUISTICO BERTRAND RUSSELL Bank: Intesa San Paolo Current Account n°: 8577 IBAN: IT55 H030 6962 8271 0000 0007 857 SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMM
    • Cash

    Students needing accommodation should register at least one month in advance of the scheduled start date for the relevant course. Accommodation can be paid for at the time of registration or at the school office on the first day of the course.

    • Registration is effective from receipt of the registration form and course fee by the school.
    • The course is not transferable to third parties, including relatives.
    • No refunds will be given for absences or interruptions to the course. Students can make up for prolonged absences by attending the course at a later date, to be agreed with the school.
    • In the event of cancellation of the course please promptly notify the school office by fax, registered mail or e-mail. No refund will be given, except when the cancellation is due to a visa refusal by the Embassy; however, the student has the right to attend the course at any time in the future.
    • Students receiving a scholarship and in need of accommodation must pay for the accommodation in advance, or upon receipt of confirmation of acceptance of the scholarship on the part of our school.
    • The accommodation in question is only for the use of students who have requested it and may not be used to accommodate relatives or friends without the express consent of the owner.
    • Students are insured against accidents and injuries occurring within the school precincts. For all other medical emergencies, it is advisable to purchase an insurance policy by a reputable company recognised in Italy.



    Here are three excellent reasons for enrolling in our Italian language school:

    • Over 40 years of experience in the field. The school was established in 1975 and has the longest and most consolidated history of teaching the Italian language of any school in Padua
    • Right in the centre of town. Our school is the very heart of the city, in an area well served by buses and trams, and close to the railway and coach stations. As well as being a city full of great masterpieces, Padua is also a strategic location for visiting other beautiful cities such as Venice (only 30 minutes by train!), Verona, Vicenza, Bologna …
    • Friendly and expert staff and skilled teachers. We are always willing to help with all of your needs, to ensure your stay is a comfortable and enjoyable one.  Our Italian language teachers are very well qualified, professional and wholly reliable.

    If this is not enough for you, please read the comments from our students on Google+ and Facebook!