An Italian stay is the simplest and most enjoyable way to learn Italian!

Living in Italy means interacting with Italian native speakers, their culture and traditions, but more, it also means having a unique artistic and cultural heritage at one’s fingertips. From large cities to small villages, Italy is rich in invaluable treasures of art, architecture, sculpture and mosaic. The traces of all the civilisations that lived in Italy throughout the eras are preserved in the many museums, private collections and archaeological sites that one can visit during a stay in the Bel Paese.

Italy also has 50 sites that have been included in the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites, which is further proof of the historical and artistic importance of this country at a world level. besides its art, history and culture, Italy also offers a beautiful natural territory, with the different landscapes one encounters while travelling along the peninsula, from harsh mountains to sandy beaches, from green hills to wide plains.

There is no better way to learn Italian than studying Italian in Italy!

Live Italian!